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10 Beer Science Facts

Michael Pipkin of Havoc Brewing giving Tech Talk on the Science of Brewing

Here are some beer facts I learned from our recent Tech Talk at Havoc Brewing on the Science of Beer Brewing (YouTube video).

10 Beer Facts
  1. Beechwood had historical uses in starting a beer batch with yeast from the last batch How to make a yeast ring, and as a clarifier with beechwood aging Beechwood Aging
  2. Hops is related to cannabis Beer 101: What is the Relationship Between Cannabis and Beer? (
  3. You can hire a mobile canning machine company to come to your brewery Mobile Canning Services
  4. The chokepoint in the process of making beer in a brewery is the final fermentation which takes 1-2 weeks. The whole process that comes before that final step takes only one day.
  5. Most beer is brewed from malted (sprouted) milled barley.  But, if you mill it too small, the barley flour will turn into a gel and the yeast can’t get to it properly, and it gunks up your tank.  The malted barley needs to be cracked just a bit by the milling process.
  6. You can order your own commercial brewery from Raleigh from ABS Commercial
  7. There are 100+ styles of beer.  Small changes in a recipe can result in creating a different style.  (Sorry. Not sorry.) How Many Beer Styles Are There?
  8. Beer is about cleaning, and more cleaning. Brewing requires the right microbes. Some microbes are very bad for beer and humans.
  9. Nitrogen can be added to make beer creamier simply because it causes smaller bubbles. Good Beer Gas: Nitro Beers Explained
  10. Havoc Brewing will begin selling to two local stores very soon and has plans for expansion.

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